My visit to Rucker Canyon

Rucker Canyon deserted I recently drove down to the border to see if the border wall went into Guadalupe Canyon. I discovered that the mouth of the canyon, Arizona side, was where the construction came to an abrupt stop. Though I have mixed feelings about the wall I was glad to see it did not […]

Guadalupe Canyon

Located along the Arizona-Mexican border, Gaudalupe Canyon is a virtual oasis in the desert. Consequently, it has been a passageway used for centuries by jaguars, raiding Apaches, American and Mexican bandits and even a few legitemate cattle ranchers. In 1881 the canyon was the site of the so called Guadalupe Canyon Massacre in which Mexican […]

The Hanging Tree of Helena, Montana

In writing by book Helena I ran across several references to The Hanging Tree and came to find out that Helena, the capital of Montana, used to have a single, half-dead pine tree that was used by vigilantes to hang convicted outlaws. In fact, each year (baring something like a covid outbreak) the town has […]