Black Sun

Having recently learned the location of his parent’s graves, Monte Segundo heads for an abandoned ranch near the U.S.-Mexico border. Hoping to recover some of his buried childhood memories, he returns to the site where his father and mother were murdered.
Hiding under the stones of one grave, Monte is astonished to discover an emaciated fugitive desperately trying to hide from a band of approaching rurales. Resenting the intrusion and distrusting the rurales, Monte allows the fugitive, Ahayaca, to remain hidden and sends the rurales back toward Mexico.
They travel together for safety because the rurales believe Ahayaca knows the location of the lost Tayopa mine and won’t give up until they find him. Reaching Tucson, Ahayaca delivers a stunning message to the Yaqui Indians and then, with Monte’s help, heads south to Sasabe, Arizona, the home of his secretive tribe. There, the rurales, as well as Monte, come face to face with a culture that has remained hidden for centuries.